Photos on Canvas

starting at $14.95

  • Available in No-Stretch and Wraparound Styles
  • Color / Contrast Enhancement
  • Shadow / Highlight Balace to compensate for imperfect exposures
  • Minor Cleaning and Touch-ups
  • Red-Eye Reduction
  • Sharpening and Unsharp Masking
  • Heavyweight Cotton/Poly Blend Canvas
  • UV Protection Treatment
  • Printing Services Completed In-House in the USA

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When a person snaps a picture, in the blink of an eye, they have stopped time. They have created a fragile little token that documents a moment in history. The photograph will live on long after the person has passed, continuing to tell it's story of a time gone by. If a photograph has anything important to say to future generations, it is, "I was here. I was young and happy. I had a place in this world, and someone cared enough about me to take my picture."

Some photos just say it all. Tell a story in your room by creating a canvas print from your favorite memory. Our canvas prints are available in a gallery wrap and museum wrap styles, ready for display, as well as a no-stretch style that is versatile for any project.

Not only do your favorite photos from today look great on canvas - pull out a few pictures from your old collection. You'll be surprised at how fantastic old pictures look on canvas enlargements. Decorate your own home or create a sentimental gift for someone special!








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