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  • Professional Digital Transfer
  • Optimization / Enhancement of Audio to Remove Noise & Tape Hiss, Maximize Loudness, and Edit Blank Areas
  • Free 300-Year Archival Gold CD with Case
  • Custom Surface Disc Print
  • Free Shipping Both Ways



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Audio recordings make up some of the rarest and most valuable pieces of a family's personal history. Whether its children playing around with a tape recorder, audio letters sent to a distant loved one, or emotional occasions such as a religious event or funeral; an audio recording captures a sense of personality and emotion like no other media can.

It is so important to preserve your sound recordings. The last words of your grandfather or the first words of your baby may be lingering on an old tape. Plastic Trees will help you to preserve those priceless sounds by digitally transferring your recordings to compact disc.

Each tape, cassette or record is transferred one at a time, by hand, in house at our studio, using the most advanced equipment available. We will maximize loudness and remove any tape hiss as well as clicks and pops. The high fidelity CD that you receive is guaranteed to sound better than the original.









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