Why it is Important to Digitize Your Media

Worth a Thousand Words ...

We all have a collection of slides and home movies stored away in a closet, basement, or attic.  Due to the difficult nature of viewing, these collections are often forgotten.   At one time families would get together for a slide show night to share stories about the important moments captured in each picture. Getting out the projector for movie night was a great way for family members to share laughs and memories. Times are different now, and because of the changes in technology, viewing slides and home movies are considered more of a hassle than a treat.  Because of this, slides have become the least viewed photos of your collection. Most of us don't know what footage is on our old collection of reel-to-reel films.


Photographs are original and unique, and each one tells a sentinmental story like nothing else can. Your collection of photographs is an irreplaceable bundle of captured little moments in time. Having a digital version of your collection as well as extra copies of the prints will give you the peace of mind that your family's history in photos will survive for future generations.

Today everything is about digital - from IPODs to DVD players, computer projects, e-mail and the web. If you don’t have a digital version of your family’s slides, movies, photos, and audio recordings, they are simply lying there unused and unappreciated.  Imagine having all of your family's most treasured memories just a click away, easily accessed for sharing with family and friends, to be printed and used in projects, or just for fond remembrance.

Build a Legacy

Your family’s photo and video collection is fun and important for every member of the family.  When children grow up and have families of their own, it can be very difficult to decide who gets to have physical possession of the collection. If there is a specific photo or video that you have been thinking of or need for something, it is often too difficult to track down which family member may have it. Imagine having all of your family’s photo and video collection digitized so that copies can be easily made for every member of the family. Instead of being lost in an aunt or uncles closet somewhere, the photos that were a big part of your childhood can now be shared with your children.

Stand Against the Flow of Time

It is inevitable that time will degrade and destroy your family’s photo, audio, and video collection.  The materials your collection is made of simply have a limited life span.  The paper that your photos were developed on will yellow and fade, become brittle and cracked, and eventually disintegrate. Colors fade in slides and film, the substrate will warp, distort, and delaminate, and mold and fungus will grow on the organic emulsion layer. Audio and video recordings on magnetic tape begin to degrade in as little as three years. Stray magnetic fields in the environment and the breakdown of the Mylar base will irreversibly degrade your recordings.  Digital formats will never degrade over time.  Having multiple copies of our 300 year archival media stored away will guarantee that your family’s collection will be around for years to come.

Natural disasters such as fires and floods will destroy your family’s collection in a blink of an eye.  Having all of your family’s slides, photos, and videos digitized allows you to make several copies.  Keeping copies in several different locations greatly increases the odds that your family’s collection will survive for generations.

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