8mm & 16mm Movie Transfer

Why Your Film Should be Transferred Now

The Magic of Moving Pictures

The introduction of the home movie camera was an important step forward in the world of amateur photography. Never before could people record a loved one in action, capturing all the fun and quirky traits unique to that person. The ability to make a home movie became a popular past-time, giving us hours of video of our families and ourselves, forever young and happy.

Because of age deterioration and changes in technology, our home movies are becoming obsolete and are quickly fading away.  Preserve that moment in time - help that moment last forever by converting it to archival DVD.

Because There is No Second Take ...

Much of what may be on a collection of 8mm and 16mm film collections is unknown, but no one would deny that the footage is very sentimental and important. If you had a choice, you would have those memories last forever. Unfortunately, the film that your memories are on doesn't last very long at all.

Heat and humidity are your film's worst enemies. Dark, moist storage creates an environment that promotes the growth of mold on the organic emulsion layer of the film. Virtually all old film is at risk of, if not all ready instilled with, mold. As mold is almost completely impossible to remove from film without destroying it, it is vital to rescue the information or images from the film before it is eliminated.

8mm and 16mm films are made up of a plastic tape backing and a gelatin emulsion image layer.  Aging takes its toll on film, causing it to fade and crack.  As film sits in storage, it will dry out with a lack of moisture and lubrication.  The film has no chemicals to help preserve the base material, so it will become brittle and literally fall apart.

They Don't Have to Grow Up ...

You still have a choice to make your memories last forever. Through Plastic Trees film transfer services, your film will be carefully converted to DVD format and transferred onto archival media, ensuring that your precious footage will be around forever.


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