Premium Film Scanning

Why Your Film Should be Scanned Now

Your family's film can be lost in an instant by any number of causes, including fire, flood, rodents, theft, or simply by forgetting about it. Scanning your film allows you to make an infinite amount of copies that do not lose quality over time. The more copies that exist of your irreplaceable film, the better chance it has of surviving any disaster that may happen. Have your film digitized now and make low cost digital copies to give to family members and to store as a backup in a secure location.

What is Happening Now

Even without the threat of disasters, your film is in danger of disintegrating due to its natural aging process.

- Age and light have proven to be very damaging to slides and negatives, causing color fading and overall image loss. Viewing slides with a projector causes the color dyes to shift and fade within seconds.  In some cases, color slides will even fade in dark storage conditions. Slides have a maximum color life span of 15-20 years.

- Heat and humidity will accelerate the deterioration of slides and negatives by contributing to color fading and providing the perfect environment for the growth of mold and fungus on the organic gelatin emulsion layer.  Mold and fungus tend to develop at temperatures of 75-80 degrees with relative humidity above 60%.

- Typical handling and use of your slides and negatives results in surface fingerprints, scratches, and dust. Over time, the oils left behind by a fingerprint will darken and become highly visible. Scratches are crevices that become inhabited by mold and fungus, further obscuring your image. Dust causes unwanted black spots and an overall dirty look to your slide, distracting the attention from the main image.

- The Plasticizers and solvents used in the manufacturing of a slide or negative tend to evaporate over time which causes the emulsion to wrinkle and distort the image.  The emulsion layer will ultimately delaminate itself from the film base support. Also, the film base itself will become acidic and decompose, which can be detected by a noticable, acidic odor.

Poor exposure, camera settings, age, and light will cause your images to fadeTime and handling play a part in covering your slides in dust and debrisHeat and humidity promotes the growth of mold and fungus on your film

Digital images do not fade or lose quality over time. Have your film scanned now before it is too late. The Plastic Trees Studio Premium Quality Restoration Film Scan restores your images to better than new.  The digital images will never deteriorate, degrade, or fade in any way.  Multiple copies can be made with-out loss of quality allowing you to store your images in several locations ensuring that in case of accidents, that may destroy one set of images, another set is safe and secure at another location.

Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio, we are very excited to be a part of your project.


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