Audio Transfer

Why Your Audio Tapes and Records Should be Transferred Now

A Little Piece of History

Audio recordings make up some of the rarest and most valuable pieces of a family's personal history. Whether its children playing around with a tape recorder, audio letters sent to a distant loved one, or emotional occasions such as a religious event or funeral; an audio recording captures a sense of personality and emotion like no other media can.

Audio tapes begin degrading in as little as three years. The tape is made up of mylar film that is coated with magnetic particles that are arranged to make up the audio signal. Stray magnetic fields in the environment, the tape being played in a player, and age will all contribute to the audio degrading and being lost. Records can be easily scratched and broken, and finding record players and needles is a daunting task in and of itself.
Each recording will be imported into a computer where it will be optimized using professional audio mastering software. Clicks, pops, and tape hiss from the original recording will be removed, and each transfer will be enhanced to ensure maximum loudness and overall sound quality.

Once your tapes or records have been imported and digitized, they will never degrade or lose quality.  We use gold layer 300 year life span CD media. Copies can be easily made to prevent a single copy being destroyed and recording being lost forever.  Today everything is about digital.  Your recordings can be played on your computer, portable mp3 player, uploaded to the internet, e-mailed and used in personal projects.

Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio. We are very excited to be a part of your project.


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