8mm & 16mm Movie Transfer

Preparing Your Project


Placing Your Order Online

Once you have collected your films together and have an idea of how many you have, it’s time to place your online order. Clicking on the Order Now button on the 8mm and 16mm Film Transfer home page will take you to a safe and secure online ordering page. This page has detailed step-by-step ordering instructions.  The first step is to decide which package you would like for your project. The Standard package includes a custom printed DVD, a custom designed DVD menu with up to two free menu buttons, and a jewel case. The Premium package includes a custom printed DVD, a custom designed DVD menu with up to two free menu buttons, a custom designed DVD sleeve in a DVD case.

The next step is to estimate the total amount of film you have in feet. Keep in mind that this is only an estimate; if you are unsure how many feet you have just make a good guess.  We will contact you with the exact foot charge prior to completing your project. You have the option of deciding how many extra copies of your project you would like.  If you are unsure how many copies you'll need, simply leave the box blank or type "0". We will contact you as your project nears completion to give you the opportunity to include additional copies.

The next step is to fill in shipping and payment information. Once you have completed the ordering process, you will be directed to a link to download and print a project worksheet to include with your order.  This project worksheet allows you to select titles, select a package design, and include any special instructions for your project.

Your Project Worksheet

The first step in preparing your project is to organize your films into an order you would like them to be played on the DVD, including groups that will appear as separate buttons on the DVD menu; for example, "Christmas 1968" or "Summer Vacation".  If you are unsure what is on your films, we can import them and make a rough cut DVD that can be edited later, once a play order has been established. We recommend using sticky notes or masking tape to label your films in the order you would like them played.


Note: It is not necessary to combine small reels onto a larger reel. All reels are imported separately and returned to you in the same condition that they were received.  It is also not necessary to splice together broken films as this service will be provided free of charge.


Your DVD Cover, DVD surface, and DVD menu will all display the name of your movie, ie. "Johnson Family Memories". If your movie project requires more than one DVD, we will include "volume one", volume two", etc. to the additional DVDs.

You may want to keep your films as one movie with a single "play" button, but if you have decided on separating your films into categories with chapter buttons on your main menu, be sure to include the titles of each button.


Prepare Your Package for Shipping

We recommend wrapping your films together in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture and using a sturdy shipping box with enough padding to ensure a safe delivery. Affix your pre-paid UPS shipping label to the package prior to dropping it off at any UPS shipping location. You may use the number from your label to track your shipment at the UPS website.


Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio. We are excited to be a part of your project!

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