Audio Transfer

Preparing Your Project

Placing your Order Online

Once you have collected your tapes and records together and have an idea of how many you have, it’s time to place your online order.  The first step is to estimate how many CDs it will require to complete your project.  Keep in mind this is only an estimate; if you are unsure how many CDs your project will require, simply choose “1”.  We will contact you once your tapes and records have been imported with the exact amount of CDs that your project will require. You may also choose how many copies you would like of your project.  Once again, if you are unsure how many copies you would like at this time, leave this box blank or type “0”.  You may decide how many copies you would like once we have contacted you with how many total discs your project requires.

The next step is to enter your shipping and payment information.  When you have completed your order, you will receive a link to download a project worksheet.  This sheet allows you to fill in the titles of your project. Fill out this worksheet and send it in with your order. Keep an eye on your email for a pre-paid UPS shipping label.  Print this label and keep it for when you are ready to ship your project.

Your Project Worksheet

The first step in preparing your project is to organize and label your tapes and records.  Up to 80 min of audio can fit on one CD.  If your tapes and records are shorter in length, several can be combined onto one CD.  If your tapes and records are longer than 80 min, additional CDs will be required. Label your tapes with the title you would like to be printed on the CD, and the play order you would like.

Mailing Your Originals

The next step is to wrap up your tapes and records in a plastic bag to protect from moisture. Use a good, sturdy box with enough padding to prevent damage during the shipping process. Be sure to include your project worksheet with your order. Affix the pre-paid UPS shipping label to your package and drop it off at any UPS shipping location.

Use the number on the label to track your project at the UPS website.

Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio. We are very excited to be a part of your project!

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