Photo Scanning

starting at $.29 per Image

  • Professional Quality Scan
  • 600 DPI Optical Resolution
  • Color / Contrast Enhancement
  • Red-Eye Reduction
  • Minor Cleaning and Touch-ups
  • Lossless TIFF Digital Format
  • 300-Year Gold Archival Media
  • Custom Surface Disc Print
  • Index Prints (Optional)
  • All Scans done by hand in house in the USA
  • Free Shipping Both Ways

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Today, more than ever, people are researching their roots and discovering details about their past.  Names and dates are merely the framework of a family's history.  Stories and photographs give it character, sentimental value, and historic importance.

When you collect old photos, you are doing your part to maintain a family history. You understand the value and importance of passing down family photo collections through generations.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the true danger their photo collection is in.  Although a photograph may survive decades after the person is gone, it is vulnerable to its surroundings.  Many factors are contributing to the deterioration of your photos, including heat, humidity, sunlight, aging, and rodents.  Regardless of the storage conditions, your collection of photographs will inevitably succumb to its environment.

Make your photographs last forever and protect your heritage through Plastic Trees photographic digital preservation.  Unlike emulsion-based photographic prints, digital images never fade, erode, or crack with age. Digitized photographs can be copied, shared, e-mailed, and printed, without ever losing any quality. Your photographic heritage will be forever preserved on a collection of archival CDs or DVDs that will be appreciated for many lifetimes.









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