8mm & 16mm Film Transfer

packages from $14.95 plus $.09 per foot

  • Free Custom DVD Menu Theme
  • Up to Two Free Chapter Buttons
  • Free Custom Disc Surface Print
  • Free Cleaning and Lubrication of Film
  • Free Digital Editing of Unexposed Sections and Blank Film
  • Free Color Restoration/Enhancements for Aged Film Footage
  • Free Shipping Both Ways



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Your 8mm or 16mm film is imported using an aerial capture process, resulting in a very high quality digital video.  Each frame of film is captured separately and then combined using computer software, eliminating flicker.

Because your videos are captured into a computer instead of a standalone DVD recorder, we can then enhance contrast and color, edit out blank sections and reorganize your films into any order you choose.

Your digital footage is stored on our servers for three years so you'll be able to request additional copies or editing without needing to import your films again.









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