Film Scanning: Slides and Negatives

starting at $.29 per Image

  • Professional Quality Scan
  • 600 DPI - 4000 DPI Optical Resolution Available
  • 300-Year Rated Gold Archival Media
  • Free Color Restoration
  • Free Contrast Enhancement
  • Free Scratch, Dust, and Fingerprint Removal
  • Free Custom Disc Surface Print
  • All Scanning is Completed In-House in the USA
  • Free Shipping Both Ways


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We all have a collection of negatives and slides stored away in a closet, basement, or attic.  Due to the difficult nature of viewing, these collections are often forgotten.   At one time families would get together for a slide show night to share stories about the important moments captured in each picture.  Times are different now, and because of the changes in technology, viewing slides is considered more of a hassle than a treat.  Because of this, slides have become the least viewed photos of your collection.

Today everything is about digital. Imagine having all of your family's slides, negatives and film - once stored away in boxes, closets, in the attic, and scattered through several family members' houses - scanned and stored on just a few discs. These digital images can be easily accessed for use in e-mail, family history projects, photo reprints, video presentations, and gifts.

Your family will be thrilled and amazed as they discover photographs that had long been forgotten about or had never been seen at all. Now, with premium scanning through Plastic Trees Studio, your slides and negatives will have never looked so good. Bring in your collections today to be scanned onto easy-to-access discs. Have disc copies made for everyone in the family, and order photographic prints and gifts for easy viewing and for those without access to a computer.









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