Audio Transfer Package

Your finished package will include your digitized and enhanced audio on an archival CD, custom printed with your project title. Your CD will be packaged in a slimline jewel case.

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Plastic Trees Studio stands by the work and quality we provide. Each project is custom made for you with your satisfaction in mind. If there is something that you don’t like about your project we will gladly fix it for you, free of charge. If we are unable to complete the project to your liking, a full refund will be given.

free shipping

As you are getting your order prepared to send to us, remember that all domestic orders do not have to worry about shipping costs!

We'll take care of your UPS Ground shipping and send you a pre-paid label to easily affix to your package. Our international customers can enjoy return shipping at a low flat rate on all completed orders.

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Create Your Project

This form is to place an order for audio transfer and to figure a basic estimate for your project. Keep in mind that the total number of CD originals or extra copies does not have to be exact. We will contact you with the number of total discs required to complete your project after we have imported the audio.
Upon submitting your order and down payment, you will receive a confirmation page with a link to a project worksheet. This worksheet will walk you through titling and other project options. Include this worksheet with your package to ensure your completed project turns out just as you expect.

Step One: Quantity

Each CD will hold a maximum of 80 minutes of audio. You can consolidate your tapes, reels, and records onto as few CDs as possible, or you can separate your project onto several discs.

This form is an estimate only. Your final total will be determined as your order is completed. If you are not sure how many CDs your order will be, just enter "1".

Each CD original is $10.00 - You will need one CD original for every 80 minutes of audio

Step Two: Extra Copies

Please enter the number of copies of the entire project that you would like - the actual number of discs required to complete a "set" will be determined upon project completion. This form is to determine an estimate for your project total. We will contact you when your transfers have been completed to give you the opportunity to add or delete extra copies of your project before you are charged.

extra copies of your project (A copy of a CD original is $2 - total number of CDs per set to be determined as your project is completed)

Step Three: Comments and Special Instructions

Please enter any special instructions or comments you have about your project.