Video Tranfser

How Your Movies are Transferred

Step One: Inspection and Repair

The first step in transferring your tapes is to inspect your tapes for physical damage that may require repairs.  The repairs may require splicing broken tape, replacing the outer shell, or cleaning.  These services are included with your order and will be performed free of charge.


Step Two: Digital Import and Enhancements

The next step is to digitize your tapes into a computer based video editing system.  If your tapes are analog, they are first sent through dedicated restoration equipment that applies 3D separation, noise reduction and time base correction to enhance the tapes as much as possible.
Once the tapes have been digitized and captured in the computer, the video is then edited to remove blank spots, the audio is enhanced and noise is removed. Upon your request, we will then edit and separate your footage for chapter buttons on the DVD. If your movies will not be edited into separate playing chapters, we will automatically include a chapter marker every twenty minutes to enable you to skip through your footage if necessary.

Step Three: Export and DVD Authoring

The next step is exporting the video for DVD or if requested as AVI or MPEG.

The final step is the DVD authoring and creation.  Up to 120 min of video will fit on each DVD. If your tapes are longer than 120 min, an additional DVD will be required. A custom DVD menu is created with a personalized background and chapter buttons.  The disc is burned and printed with the title of the project. If the premium package is requested, a custom sleeve is designed with images from your videos and printed.

We keep the imported and digitized video from your project on our servers for three years. If further editing or more copies are needed, simply contact us by phone or email.

 Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio, we are very excited to be a part of your project.


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