Premium Photo Scanning

How Your Photographs are Digitized

Step One: Inspection

The first step in scanning your photos is to ascertain the type of photo and if any damage is present.  If the photo is in good condition and is a flat standard photo, a flat bed scan is used.  If the photo is curved or is damaged with extensive curling or flaking, which may be further damaged by a flat scan, then a photograph is taken of your photo. This allows us to scan the negative of the photo so that no further damage is done.

Step Two: Digitizing and Restoration

The next step is to scan the photo. We use specialized high end scanners that automatically remove minor creases and surface defects by digitally analyzing and removing the defects from your photograph. Color and contrast are also digitally analyzed and restored, fixing color shifts and fading that may happen over the life of a photo, even when stored in optimum storage conditions.

Surface scratching, bends, and minor tears are repaired to reveal and clean, crisp photo

A bright, colorful image appears after restoration from the damaging effects of age, storage, and environment

Contrast and color enhancements make a huge difference in your new image

This process goes even further in restoring problems associated with aging as it fixes many problems that occurred when the photograph was taken, such as under or over exposure as well as color calibration problems when the photograph was first developed. Hidden features and colors will be brought out of the shadows, resulting in an image that looks better than the original print.

Exposure and calibration issues are remedied, resulting in a bright and saturated image

Step Three: Manual Cropping and Retouching

The next step is to manually crop and fix any problems that may remain in the image.  Light computer assisted restoration, color and contrast enhancement, and removal of red eye is done at this point, all of which is performed at no additional cost to you. 

Online Image Preview Page

Once your photos are scanned a custom and secure web page will be created for you to preview your images.  Allowing you to choose any scanned images that you wish to eliminate from your order. Up to 50% may be removed.

Your Final Disc

Once you have previewed and selected the scanned images you wish to keep to your order, three different files are created of your images. The first is a high quality TIFF image for archiving, the second is a high resolution JPEG image for home printing and the third is a lower resolution JPEG for e-mailing.

Your scanned images are then copied to an archive quality disc, complete with a custom disc print of your project title.

Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio, we are very excited to be a part of your project.


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