Photo Restoration

How Your Photo is Restored

The initial challenge in restoring a photo is to achieve a high quality scan.  Depending on the type of photograph and the damage it has received, we will either use a flatbed scanner or take a photograph of your picture to create a digital version to work with. Oversized prints, pictures with curled edges, and pictures that have been stuck to glass are examples of photos that cannot be digitized with a flatbed scanner.

Once an acceptable digital image of your photograph has been achieved, we proceed to restore the image using digital manipulation software.  A trained and experienced technician using the latest and most advanced software and hardware components available will restore your photograph to better than new condition.

Once the photograph is restored, it is saved on an archival quality disc and then printed on high quality archival grade photographic paper.  Restore, protect, and preserve your memories today through Plastic Trees Studio and our professional image restoration services.  Now, your once lost photographs will be treasures to be passed down and cherished by your family for years to come.

This example shows a vintage convex oval portrait that had been torn and had suffered discoloration over time

If for any reason your file cannot be restored, we will contact you. You will not be charged for any images that aren't restorable.
We guarantee our restorations for quality and results. 

If you have any further questions about photo retouching, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working on your project.


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