8mm & 16mm Movie Transfer

How Your Film is Transferred

Like New Again

The first step in transferring your film is the inspection process.  Your films are inspected to determine their quality and any physical repairs that are necessary are done at this point.

The next step is cleaning and lubrication.  Your films are carefully cleaned and treated to remove dust, enhance the transfer process and extend the life of your films.

Making Sure It's Done Right

The next step is the transfer.  The film is projected onto a large condenser lens and then directly into a high quality camera to capture the film.  The camera is controlled by a computer to capture every frame of the film separately.  This is done because older film is at a lower frame per second rate than current video technology.  If you were to capture the film directly without doing it frame by frame there would be a noticeable flicker.  Once the frames have been captured by the computer they are reassembled into one continuous flicker free movie.  From there the movie is edited to remove the leading tape, blank or unexposed sections, and unusable sections of film.


As your 8mm and 16mm film has aged, it has lost much of its original brightness and color brilliance. Using the latest in computer video technology, we will correct colors, enhance contrast levels, and sharpen the images to make your films look more like they did the day they were taken.

Age, storage, and original lighting and exposure contribute to poor quality images in your film footageOur restoration process will help make your movies look better than ever

Made Custom for You

The Final step is the DVD authoring and creation.  A custom DVD menu is created using images from the transfer.  A custom printed DVD is created and if you chose the Premium Package, a custom DVD insert sleeve is designed using images from the transfer.

For your final DVD, you may choose to include music, a spoken soundtrack, or photos to use on your cover design. Our premium DVD package includes a custom designed DVD menu and sleeve. We will use still frames exported from your movies as "snapshots" for the design unless you have included specific photos to use.

An Extra Special Touch

Old silent films can be more exciting with an added soundtrack. Bring in a collection of your favorite songs to be included as background music to your transferred movies. Adding the right music to home movies creates a sentimental experience that is truly special for everyone.

8mm films are commonly viewed one small reel at a time, leaving you with white leader film before and after every 4 minute section. We will edit out the leader, which is non-essential to your movies, and combine your footage through smooth cross-fade transitions, making them more appealing to watch.

Combine your movies together for one continuous play, or separate each event with easy to navigate chapter buttons. You may want to group your movies together based on years, holidays, or special events. Each chapter button on the DVD menu will be labeled with the title of your choice. If you choose to have your movies combined into one continuous play, a chapter marker will be added every 20 minutes to enable you to skip forward through the footage.


If you have any further questions about your film transfer, please contact us and thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio.


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