Premium Film Scanning

How Your Film is Digitized

Send in your 35mm slides and negatives to discover the magic of a Plastic Trees Premium Quality Restoration Scan.  Our restoration scanning procedure offers complete control over the image capture process to correct and enhance color and tonality. Our scanning process will revive your images through color and contrast correction and removal of film defects such as dust, fingerprints and water-spots. In addition to our Premium Quality Restoration Scan, we will manually inspect every scanned image to ensure optimum results. Any minor flaws that remain will be fixed using state of the art digital photo editing software.

All Plastic Trees Studio Premium Quality Restoration Scans are performed in-house, in the USA, by trained scanning personnel. Each image is scanned by hand, one at a time, to ensure the safety of your originals as well as the quality of the newly digitized image.

Plastic Trees rises above a typical scanning service with our restoration scan which performs much of the image restoration during the scanning process. As your film is scanned, surface defects are detected digitally and removed without reducing the image detail. Color and exposure issues are corrected, resulting in a sharp and vibrant high resolution digital image. We will save you time and money over a standard scan from a typical scanning service, which will leave you with a digitized image, complete with all of the flaws and imperfections, requiring costly post-scan image restoration.

Bring it Back to Life: Dust & Fingerprint Removal

As your picture is digitalized, the scanner will read the film surface to identify any physical imperfections. Surface defects are seen as a separate layer and will be eliminated without harming the image detail. High resolution scanning will reveal and eliminate imperfections not visible by the naked eye. A premium scan will eliminate minor defects in color film, such as scratches, dust, and fingerprints, reducing the need for post-scan restoration.

The dust and scratches on your film will be eliminated during the scanning process without harming the image detail - Click to enlarge

Reclaim Lost Moments: Exposure Correction

Some photos were originally taken in low light conditions and tossed aside with the assumption that there was no apparent value. Imagine what great moments may be hiding in those dark images. Our premium film scan is not only great for reviving images degraded by time; it will also help images that were never usable to begin with. Find out what special photos are hiding in your collections.

In addition to brightening the image, exposure correction will enhance colors and soften the appearance of grain. The scanner will gather the detail on image grain during the scan and combine it with the color and sharpness information to remove the appearance of grain. It minimizes the film noise and reduces a course appearance.

Exposure issues are corrected to reveal image details that were lost in the original - Click to enlarge

Images that were too dark to see are now full of detail and color

Rescue a Fading Memory: Color and Contrast Enhancement

Even slides and negatives that have been properly stored can experience fading and color shifting due to age. Our premium scan reads the dye signature on base layer of the film and rebuilds the original color values, restoring the color and contrast levels of aged and deteriorated slides and negatives.

Although age causes fading, some pictures in your collection were over-exposed when they were originally taken. Our premium scan enhances the color and contrast levels of over-exposed images to reveal new detail, leaving you with new pictures full of color and brilliance.

You'll be amazed at the bright and saturated colors in your final images - Click to enlarge

It's All About Detail

When it comes to archiving and preservation, quality and detail are key elements of importance. If you're taking the time to get it done, make the effort to get it done right. We will scan your 35mm slides and film at a resolution of 600 dpi, up to 4000 dpi available, ensuring that every detail of the film will be captured, resulting in an archival-worthy digital copy.

Online Image Preview Page

Once your slides and negatives are scanned, a custom and secure web page will be created for you to preview your images.  Having a chance to look over your project will give you the opportunity to choose any scanned images that you wish to eliminate from your order. You may remove up to 50% of your scanned images.

Your Final Disc

Once you have previewed and selected the scanned images you wish to keep to your order, three different files are created of your images. The first is a high quality TIFF image for archiving, the second is a high resolution JPEG image for home printing, and the third is a lower resolution JPEG for e-mailing.

Your scanned images are then copied to an archive quality disc, complete with a custom disc print of your project title.

Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio, we are very excited to be a part of your project.


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