Audio Transfer

How Your Tapes and Records are Transferred

The first step in transferring your tapes and records is to inspect them for physical damage.  Any repairs that are necessary including splicing broken tape, replacing the outer shell, and cleaning are performed free of charge.

The next step is to capture and digitize your tapes and records into a computer using high end A/D converters, and Mastering Restoration software.  Your recordings are captured at a resolution of 96 khz and 32 bit depth.  Once captured into the computer we perform noise removal, loudness maximizing, and editing of blank spots.

The next step is to export your audio for CD creation, or if requested as a specific file format such as mp3.  Up to 80 min of audio can fit on one CD.  For CD creation the audio is split into separate tracks at a resolution of 44.1 khz and a 16 bit depth.  The CD is created using Red Book audio standards that can be played on any CD player.  We use gold layer 300 year life span CD media. The disc is then printed with the title of your project.

Thank you for choosing Plastic Trees Studio. We are very excited to be a part of your project.


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